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InstantAgarose™ Tablet

InstantAgaroseInstantAgarose™ Tablet, low EEO (LE), multi-purpose agarose in tablet form and delivered in blister convenient pack.  Made of standard melting point agarose yields high resolution sharp DNA bands with high clarity and low background. Its optimized gel strenghth enhances ease of gel processing and handling.  Manufactured using innovative Organic Solvent Free Manufacturing process that is greener and more environment friendly. 

Application:  Ideal for routine DNA and RNA gel electrophoresis, cloning, and blotting.

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 Part Number  Product
 R9012TAB-200  InstantAgarose™ 0.5g, 200 tabs, blister convenient pack
 R9012TAB-Bottle  InstantAgarose™ 0.5g, 1000 tabs, in bottle

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