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HyAgarose™ and InstantAgarose™ Agarose

HyAgarose™ and InstantAgarose™ Tablet and are lines of greener agarose products with significantly reduced environmental impact at improved cost efficiency delivering same reliable high quality.  Utilizing  proprietary manufacturing technology that excludes the use of organic solvents,  HyAgarose™ and InstantAgarose™ are the only green agarose products in market, 

HyAgarose™, powder form agarose products includes:solvent free

HyAgarose™ LE Agarose, Multipurpose;
HyAgarose™ HR Agarose, PCR Grade;
HyAgarose™ 3:1 Agarose
HyAgarose™ LM 
Agarose, Low Melting;

InstantAgarose™ Tablet, LE agarose tablet form delivered in blister convenient pack. Optimized gel strength and Low
EEO for ease of handling, high clarity, and low background

Other types of Agarose Products and Custom Agarose available upon request.

HydraAgar™ Bacteriological Agar

HydraAgar™ is line of agar products recommended for use in media preparation for microbial growth in Microbiology, Biochemsitry, and other bacteriological applications. HydraAgar™ offers HydraAgar™ Agar and HydraAgar™ UltraPure Agar choices.